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A Brief Description:

The Ad Hoc Writers first met on January 10, 1981. We usually meet every three weeks on Sunday afternoons, from 2 to 6 P.M. (Sometimes the three week interval is altered due to other considerations.) These meetings rotate among the member's homes, which range from San Francisco to San Jose and from Pleasanton to Palo Alto. Our main interest is in the fantasy/science fiction genre, but we will look at stories and novels in any genre. A more detailed history is available.

Our normal procedure is to submit manuscripts prior to the meeting at which they will be critiqued, either in person or by mail or email. We do not read work aloud at our meetings, since this does not allow detailed study of the written words. More complete procedures are available.

Ad Hoc members have developed a set of outlines for aid in building characters, worlds, societies, etc. These are now available on this web site. See the Builder Outline Index for a complete listing.

We feel that the success of our group rests on several factors, among them the informality of the group, our many shared interests and our ability to help and encourage each other in developing our writing skills.

Ad Hoc's 2010 Schedule:

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